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Read and write Siemens MS43/MS42 ECU[edit]

Here is the little tutorial.

First of all, get a K+L adapter


The white 2 pin connector has “L” and “K” pin identifiers and the black 2 pin connector,“+” and “-” which should be power and ground


   1) Remove ECU from car.
   2) Screw 4 torx bolts from case and extract mainboad.


   3)Locate 104 boot pin


   4)Short boot pin to GND
   5)Put “+12V” and “-” to your black (2 pins) socket connected to cable
   6)Connect K-line from white (2pins) socket to ECU
   7)Connect power to ECU


Note: If you use the K-line pin.

    1)L-line no need
    2)12V and GND is direct power source to black (2pin) and to ECU (4/7 and 26)
    After 6 Seconds (from power connected) remove wire between 104pin and GND.
    ECU now in bootmode and you can “connect”